Speech Jammer – The Wacky Japanese Device That Stops People from Talking

Ever came across someone so annoyingly chatty that you wanted to shoot them with an invisible gun and shut them up? Well, you might just be able to, thanks to the Speech Jammer. It’s a Japanese invention that could very well be the perfect answer to all the talkative people out there. The device is said to be powerful enough to jam a person’s speech from up to 98ft away.

Sounds too good to be true, right? The inventors, Kazutaka Kurihara and Koji Tsukada, explain how it works. The prototype invention supposedly records the obnoxious speech with a directional microphone, adds a 0.2 second delay, and then fires it right back at the prattler with the help of a directional speaker. So there’s basically a delay between when the person says something and when they hear their own speech. This would mess with the person so bad, that they would soon be rendered speechless for a while. Perfect! But then, the device itself looks so huge and scary in its current avatar, I think people might shut up the very moment it was pointed at them.

Nevertheless, I can think of a countless uses for the Speech Jammer. Got into an argument with your spouse and he/she is screaming their lungs off? Just speech jam them! At least for a while, so then you can get a chance to shout too. Or even better, both parties should own a Speech Jammer. It would be fun to watch a shouting match with abrupt silences in between. But if I ever got to use one of these, it would be at a movie theater on those pesky people talking on their cell phones. I’d prefer a smaller version though, something that fits comfortably in my palm.


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