Sporty Grandpa Practices “Leopard Fitness” in Leopard Suit Every Day

Mi Youren, a 68-year-old pensioner from Jinan, China, loves nothing more than to put on a tight leopard costume complete with tail and pointy ears, and practice a fitness routine based on he created himself based on the movements of the athletic feline.

Every day, Mi Youren puts on his goofy leopard costume and heads to parks and gardens in his home city of Jinan to practice “leopard fitness”. He walks, runs and climbs stairs on all fours, lays flat on the ground with his limbs extended, imitates the cleaning ritual of the leopard, does handstands, all to keep in tip top shape and at the same time entertain passers-by. Mi has been practicing leopard fitness for 18 years and, as goofy as some of his exercises look, they seem to have kept him in great shape for his age.


“The reason why I created leopard-style fitness is that i was curious about the African leopards chasing antelopes when I watched Animal Word on TV,” Mi Youren told Ruptly TV. “I do leopard fitness in the squares and park wherever i go and people like me very much!”

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