Talented Composer Makes Beautiful Music with Instruments Provided by Mother Nature

Meet Diego Stocco, the guy who can make music from anything, even raw nature. In celebration of Earth Day, he staged an innovative musical experiment in which he used all kinds of unusual but completely natural instruments.

Who knew tree bark or orange peel could sound so groovy, if¬†orchestrated by the right person? In his new performance, “Music from Nature”, Diego Stocco uses professional microphones and a customized stethoscope to best capture the sounds of nature as made by several uncommon musical instruments, including trees, leaves, almonds and bees. The result is too cool to describe, you just have to listen for yourself.

Stocco began experimenting with the sounds of nature in 2009, when he was inspired to use and odd tree in the garden of his house as a musical instrument. Intrigued by the idea he scaled down the process and experimented with music from a bonsai tree. From there on he started making music from pretty much everything, including sand and a dry cleaner. You can check out all of Diego’s unique performances on Behance Network. In case you were wondering, he performs all his compositions only by playing the chosen instruments, without synthesizers, samplers or additional sounds.


In the past, we’ve featured artists who used natural instruments like carved fruits and vegetables to perform their musical masterpieces, but Diego Stocco’s style is on a whole other level.


via This Is Colossal

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