This Tight Cave Entrance Is Claustrophobia Hell

Deep Cave in Edwards County, Texas has more than one entrance, but daredevils prefer to use one so tight that it can make claustrophobes extremely uncomfortable just looking at it.

Videos of spelunkers literally squeezing themselves into Deep Cave through this incredibly tight hole in the ground have been doing the rounds online for years now, but frankly, they never get old. It’s terrifying, it’s electrifying, it’s something you don’t really want to see, but can’t really stop either. Even if you don’t really have a problem with tight spaces, seeing people going down this little hole is guaranteed to make your palms a little sweaty.

This cave opening at the Deep and Punkin Nature Preserve in Edwards County, Texas isn’t for everyone. And I’m not even talking about claustrophobes or spelunkers lacking the courage to go down though it. If you’re not slim enough to fit through, you’re not gonna make it. You may actually get stuck, which apparently makes it that much more exciting for people…


Deep Cave has much larger entrances than the one showcased in all these videos, so I imagine it’s not that tight of a tunnel, but looking at this little hope I just can’t help but imagine having to wiggle my way through the narrowest of crevices after getting past this little hole.


The tight hole is also used as an exit from the cave, which one of the people in these videos accurately described as “Earth giving birth”. It sounds funny, but that’s exactly what it looks like.


Good luck going into another cave again after watching all that…