TreT – The Amazing Parkour Dog from Ukraine

Parkour is cool when performed by humans, but when it’s a dog that doing the stunts, it’s simply amazing.  TreT, a 5-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier from the Ukraine jumps over railings, climbs walls and sprints, proving he’s a Pakour master on four legs.

TreT is one of only two known Parkour dogs around the world. His owner, Evgeny Elchaninov, says he knew nothing about the other dog from Hawaii when they started training, and that TreT’s moves are much more spectacular, anyway. The young man from western Ukraine used to practice Parkour himself, until a bad knee injury ruined his career, Suddenly he had to give up his biggest passion in life, but his unfulfilled dreams reincarnated in his six-months old dog, who loved to run and jump. He began training TreT in the art of Parkour, both in urban landscapes and at historic landmarks, and posted videos of his amazing stunts online. Now the pooch is a true Internet celebrity.

Evgeny remembers he first realized TreT had talent for Parkour after at just six-months-old he jumped on a chair and onto a refrigerator. He was very energetic and even now does all the stunts because he enjoys it. His owner says many people believe he failed at Parkour and now he forces the dog to do what he couldn’t, but claims in reality he has only taught TreT a few tricks, the rest he invented himself. Evgeny says he only coordinates TreT’s routines and that the dog often improvises, which makes their videos that much more interesting.


Although in their home town TreT and Evgeny are yet to be recognized as local celebrities, the two are incredibly popular online, with millions of views on YouTube. Evgeny also created a site where he sells a training course to other people who want to turn their dogs into Parkour performers.


via Laughing Squid

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