Chinese Artist Paints Large-Scale Mountain Landscape Using Roller Skates

Tian Haisu is the world’s first roller-skating artist – she cleverly combines her love of art and ice skating to create beautiful paintings. She specializes in traditional Chinese landscapes, but has long-since ditched the calligraphy pen for a pair of skates!

Tian, who started painting at the age of three, says that painting with skates makes her feel ‘one with her art’. Through this medium, she wants to give the traditional form of painting a ‘new lease of life’. To create these unique paintings, Tian uses a modified pair of skates with a pot of black paint attached to the wheels. She puts them on and skates in deliberate patterns over a large canvas.


“My whole body is involved and I produce all kinds of ink landscapes,” she said. “Such creation is full of power, speed and rhythm. I am so passionate about ink landscaping because it shows very rich emotions by means of simple forms. I call it ‘landskating’.”


Born in 1988, Tian is a graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute, and currently a student of the California College of Art. She received her first big break at the age of 18, when one of her artworks was displayed during the Olympics held in China. Since then, she has exhibited across China and the US. She’s won numerous awards for her paintings, and is now the goodwill ambassador for the Beijing Huaya Education Fund.


Her latest painting, ‘Blood-Lane-Line’ is currently on display at the California College of Arts. Measuring 43 feet tall by 20 feet wide, it has been deliberately hung so that the top half is on a wall, and the bottom half flows on to the floor. Her intention, she explained, is to give the impression that heaven and earth are filled with the artistry of her creations.


Photos: YouTube video captions

Sources: Haisu Tian, Daily Mail

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