World’s smallest girl

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She may be little but I’m sure she has a great spirit!

This it Jyoti Amge, a 15 year old girl from India, that’s about the size of your typical 3 year old. Jyoti suffers from a form of dwarfism called achondroplasia which prevents her body from fully developing; doctors say she’s going to look like a little girl even when she’s 30.

The little girl learned to accept her condition and even said she enjoys her celebrity status. She is no different than your average 15 year old, she loves listening to music, watching DVDs and hopes she’ll one day become a popular Bollywood actress. She has recently recorded a music album with her favorite singer, Mika Singh.

Not bad for someone who’s 58cm tall and weighs a mere 5 kilograms…not bad at all.



Japanese rock’n-rollers

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Here’s what watching movies like Grease too many times can do to a man.

I haven’t been able to dig up too much on these silly looking guys, I just know they are some kind of entertainers in Yoyogi Park, Harajuku in Japan. Please, if you know more, don’t hesitate to let everybody know through a comment. I don’t what else to say but: LONG LIVE ROCK’N-ROLL!



The Pet Mini

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It’s cute, it’s furry and no, it doesn’t make 500 babies a year…it runs pretty smooth though.

It’s not a real pet, although it’s really called the Pet Mini, this cute little thing is all covered with real cow skin. It was the idea of Mini Switzerland and it was presented in 2007 at the New Spaces exhibition in Zurich, as an attraction to impress the visitors. I’m not sure if all of them were impressed by its look, but I’m sure all the animal rights people and all the environmentalists were…but not in a good way.



Real elf ears

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How far would you go just to look as your favorite fantasy creature?

Well I don’t know if this lady is a big World of Warcraft fan or not, but she definitely has a thing for elves and especially their pointy ears. She even went ahead and surgically modified them just so she could look more as an elf. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I thing those things look great on her, and hey if you don’t go as far as Catman did, it’s all good.



Not your usual children’s camp

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Welcome to Stavropol children’s military camp, where Russian kids lose…no not their virginity you pervert, their childhood!

As the title suggests, this is not your typical summer camp, where people play games, have fun and learn cool stuff, this is the army baby, the Russian army. About 40 children, between 12 and 17 years old go through a rough training here and learn the basics martial arts and weaponry. Just like the Ansan civilian camp in South Korea, Stavropol run by former Russian servicemen and I bet they’re pretty tough.

I may seem soft but I wouldn’t send my kid there no matter what he did, I really think places like these rob kids of their childhood much too soon…



Cool PC command stations

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I didn’t know what else to call these babies and I thought the kinda looked like command stations.

I’d be willing to bet the farm that the people who built these bad boys only did it so they can prove they could and to show them off. I mean I can’t imagine what you could use one of these for, they don’t look built for surveillance, that would have made more sense. Some of these seem designed for gaming, but why not use one big plasma screen rather than all these monitors? I’m not that good with computers so the real answer may be alluding me.

Whatever purpose they may serve, they look smokin’ and that’s what matters!



Incredible soap art

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Who says soap can only be used for cleansing?

As you can see it makes for great material when you have an artistic sense. Some of you may not be impressed by all these pieces, but I for one never looked at soap as anything but something to help me get squeaky clean, so I’m genuinely impressed to see art in something so common.

I wonder how much one of these babies costs and if anyone really uses them when they bathe? I doubt it.



Great use of a used plane

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This is El Avion, a famous plane now turned into a bar.

El Avion is a model C-123 Fairchild and it can be found in Costa Rica and it has quite an unusual story. I for one really didn’t get much of it, but the bottom line is that it was abandoned by the USA at the San Jose airport, in 1986, after its identical sister plane was shot down over Nicaragua, leading to the capture of a one Eugene Hasenfus by the Sandinista army. Apparently there was a huge scandal regarding this incident at the time, but right now El Avion remains just a place where you can come and get a really expensive drink.



A Chinese market

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I’m a really big fan of markets, but I wouldn’t buy anything from here.

I understand this kind of market can’t be as clean as any of those modern supermarkets, and quite frankly, I like it this way, it makes everything there look natural, while supermarkets make everything look artificial. But still, this Chinese market is just a little to filthy for my taste. That monkey skeleton alone scared the crap out of me, that thing that looks like a dead calf floating in that plastic thing. Organic and natural is good, but let’s not over do it.



Oddest anti car theft measures

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No one wants to have their car stolen but still, this is a little over the top.

I wonder if any of these guys ever heard of car alarms. But then again who knows what neighborhood they live in, maybe a car alarm is useless. Stil, although I admire them for having a rich imagination, you need it to come up with this kind of solutions, but I they’re a little on the paranoid side.



What a trashy living!

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I can’t believe people actually live in a place like this.

As much as we sometime resent our countries leaders for some of their questionable decisions and policies, but I have to admit living in a civilized country is bliss! This is Cambodia’s Smelly Mountain, a huge landfill where hundreds of people live their entire lives. they are considered the lucky ones though, that’s the most amazing thing. At least they have a roof over their heads, even if it is an improvised one and they get paid for sorting all the garbage.

If that’s the good life in Cambodia, I wonder what being poor is like over there…



This haircut is smoking!

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And no, that’s not slang for cool.

I’ve heard about this technique a few years ago, back then it was the hottest thing in hairstyle, all the stars were lining up to try these new technique. I see that now it’s not as exclusive as it once was (those guys don’t look like stars to me), but it looks just as weird. I hear that one of the advantages of getting your hair cut this way is that it doesn’t grow as fast. I wonder if your hair stinks of smoke afterwards…



Frozen waterfall climber

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How cold does it have to be to freeze a waterfall anyway?

Pretty cold I guess, but the question that really bugs me is “how crazy do you have to be to climb one of these babies?” I mean besides the fact that they don’t make them much steeper than this, they must be slippery as hell! Yeah, sure, you’ll say that with the right equipment it’s doable, but still, I think it’s just nuts.

Did I mention I’m not big on adrenalin rush? And no, that doesn’t mean I’m a coward!



Cement tube houses

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I could think of a number of uses for these cement tubes, but housing is still not one of them.

But as you can see it’s very possible, and the people living in them seem very content. Sure you only have enough space to fit a small bed but at least you have a roof over your head…well it’s not exactly a roof but you know what I mean. I guess this one of those places where rich people come to experience what the hard-knock life feels like, before heading back to their luxurious mansions.

Would be nice if they had a toilet or something, though…



Backyard wooden roller-coaster

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Who ever said you have to go to an amusement park to enjoy a roller-coaster ride?

Jeremy Reid decided to put all his effort into creating a fully-working roller-coaster ride in his very own backyard. It only cost him 9.500 pounds of lumber, a lot of time and $5.500, a very small price considering he created a ride with a maximum drop of 20 feet and a “lightning speed” of 20mph.

That wood seems a little rotten to me, so I wouldn’t have the guts to take a ride on these guy’s roller-coaster, but still it’s pretty decent work.



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