Edible Architecture – The Creative Food Towers That Destroyed Salad Bars in China

If you could only make one trip to the salad bar, how would you go about carrying as much food as possible in one go? To deal with this predicament, some ambitious Chinese foodies invented “salad stacking” – the art of stacking vegetables, fruits and croutons on a single plate in order to create extremely tall and elaborate salad towers.

This fad began when Pizza Hut restaurants in China introduced salad bars serving veggies and fruits to promote healthy eating. When the buffets opened, customers were given a one trip opportunity to fill their plates with as much food as they could. Seeing as they couldn’t go back for seconds, hungry patrons decided to utilize the small plates they were given to their full potential and started piling up their food with so much care and precision that complex structured meals were born.

The fad became very popular on the internet where enthusiastic “salad engineers” posted pictures of their monster creations and even exchanged techniques for making the tallest towers. According to most of them, the trick is to build a stable and straight base and cover it with carrot sticks glued together with salad dressing so that it can hold the actual salad “structure”. All kinds of goodies can go on top – melon slices, peaches, cucumbers, croutons, oranges etc., depending on preference. These must be placed in such a way that the pieces interlock and create a mesh. The entire thing can be topped with a bit of salad dressing and smaller foods for decorative purposes.


Did the customers really finish their plates, we wonder? Apparently not, as Pizza Hut allegedly removed the buffets because because the unfinished salads had to be thrown out and they were losing money. As soon as the salad buffet ban was announced, people got even more competitive with their complex food structures as they only had a limited time to show off their building skills. but the fad soon died out. There have been reports of some Pizza Hut restaurants in China still offering salad bars, but no one is building salad towers anymore. Luckily their legacy lives on in the photos making the rounds online.













 Source: Kotaku

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