Home-Delivered Airplane Food Is Actually a Thing in Germany

‘Air Food One’ is a food delivery service in Germany that exclusively caters to people who happen to love airline food. I’m not sure what’s more surprising – that the service exists, or that there are actually people who like the flavorless reheated stuff that is generally passed off as food on an airplane.

Anyway, the service is being provided by a German grocery store in collaboration with the company that makes meals for Lufthansa. It includes weekly home delivery of meals that are supposed to be ‘business-class quality’. Apparently, online grocery store Allyouneed.com noticed there was a demand for airplane food from its clients, so it teamed up with airline caterers LSG to satisfy their cravings.


On Wednesday of every week, customers enrolled in the Air Food One program will receive a meal that matches the business class menu currently available on planes. Apart from its business class quality, the food has another strong point – it can be frozen until you’re ready to throw it in the oven, making it an interesting alternative to take-away.


“The idea,” spokesman Max Thinius said, “is to invent meals that are prepared fresh and just needs to be heated in the oven. So LSG prepares all the fresh food, we deliver it cool but not frozen and if you heat it up you have a meal which is mostly like you cooked yourself, depending on how well you cook.”Air Food One is currently only available in Germany, at a cost of 9 to 10 euros ($11.61 to $12.90) per meal.


Studies have revealed that the noise on airplanes actually draws your attention away from the taste of food. The air pressure and low humidity is also believed to alter a person’s taste buds. So there is a good chance these airline meals might taste better on the ground than they do up in the air. Would you be willing to give it a try?

Photos: Allyouneed.com

via ABC News

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