Japanese Divorce Newspaper Lets Your Loved-Ones Know You’re Happily Divorced

Created by Japanese divorce guru Hiroki Terai, Divorce Newspapers are gaining popularity as a quick and painless way to let family, friends and acquaintances know your marriage is over. This saves couples the embarrassment of having to tell each one of them their marriage has failed and explain how it happened.

You know those awkward moments when you bump into an acquaintance on the street and while making small talk you courteously ask them about their spouse, only to find out they got divorced? With the divorce rate on the rise, it’s becoming harder to avoid this kind of unfortunate situations. However, the resourceful Japanese have come up with an ingenious solution to this problem, called “the divorce newspaper”. Its creator, Hiroki Terai, got the seemingly-wacky idea after hearing many divorcees complain about having to tell everyone they know in person about their failed marriage, and wishing there was a quicker way to do it. Sure, you have social networks like Facebook and Twitter, but let’s face it, 80-year-old grandmas don’t usually have accounts on these platforms, and a simple status change doesn’t let everyone know how you feel about the whole thing.

So Mr. Terai came up with the divorce newspaper, which offer readers a deep analysis of your failed marriage. When divorcing couples sign up for a divorce paper, they are first interviewed about their marriage, their feeling for each other, and whatever other stuff they want included. Then all the info is compiled into the newspaper within a week, and delivered according to their specifications. Divorcees can even choose between three different formats for their divorce newspapers: Japanese “sports page” style, “English headline” style, or “South American” style. And if you pay an extra charge , you can even have your old marriage converted into a Game of Life board and included in the newspaper. Each square represents a milestone in your relationship with the final square (goal) marked off as “Happy Divorce!”

Divorce newspapers are currently priced at ¥11,220 ($140) for a single-page copy, and ¥15,490 ($200) for a two-page copy, but divorcees get 50% off is they agree to include an ad for Hiroki Terai’s famous divorce ceremonies. Although the happy tone of the newspapers and the board games seem a bit weird under the circumstances, Terai says putting a positive spin on divorce gives closure and helps couples move on to a new stage in their life with a positive attitude.

Segment from a personalized Game of Life board included in the divorce newspaper

Source: Excite News (Japanese) via RocketNews24

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