Chinese Animal Lover Adopts 140 Stray Dogs

Li Zongwen, a former chef from Wuhan, has made online headlines after Chinese media discovered he has taken in 140 stray dogs from the outskirts of the city.

The 59-year-old man began adopting strays from the streets of Wuhan in 2009, and in just two years time he has taken-in an impressive 140 hungry dogs. He put a roof over their heads, but admits he couldn’t afford to feed all of them, without donations from other local animal lovers. Food and rent for Mr. Li and his big family of canines cost around 5,000 yuan ($760) which is way more than he could pay on his own.

Although sharing a home with 140 animals isn’t exactly an easy task, considering the noise he has to put up with at night, and the considerable mess he has to clean up after them, Li Zongwen doesn’t complain. On the contrary, he likes having them around as he prepares a big bowl of dog chow, using a garden shovel, and even eats his own meals in their company. Maybe he should get in touch with Ha Wenjin, the woman who looks after 1,500 stray dogs and 200 cats, I’m sure they have a lot to learn from each other.


There has always been a lot of controversy regarding the way Chinese people treat dogs and cats, especially with gory videos of dogs being violently killed and prepared as food, but in reality, but people like Li Zongwen are proof that things are changing in the far east. For centuries, most Chinese people have been too concerned with feeding themselves and their families to waste food and affection on animals, but in recent years their attitude towards dogs has been gradually changing.


REUTERS Photo via Daylife


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Feedback (21 Comments)

  • Divine Grace J. Pardo Posted on March 31, 2011

    This story inspires me a lot! I have been a dog-lover and I have the same commitment as he has and that is to be an aid to those animals that need help. My time may not be now but I know that someday I will render help to those stray animals. In totality, this story makes me love my dog more than anything. Keep it up, Li Zongwen!

  • steph davis Posted on April 2, 2011

    This story really made my day! I will keep thinking about Li Zongwen and his goodness all the time, thanks!

  • Nina Posted on July 2, 2011

    OMG this is awesome! I hope Li Zongwen has all the happyiness in the world!!!

  • freester Posted on July 9, 2011

    great story. did u notice in the first picture how well behaved the dogs are just sitting there – now thats a feat in itself. i love my dog and i cant get him to sit quiet. kewl.

  • SUSANNAH Posted on September 29, 2011

    You are a very special person !!!!!!

  • Carole692 Posted on September 30, 2011


  • irish Posted on October 26, 2011

    man, ur such a good person, u inspired me a lot..we adopted 7 puppies near at our house and we feed them including there parents..and i hope we will make them healthy dogs someday..

  • priti Posted on November 2, 2011

    you doing so nice work.
    all dogs are so cute.
    if you have any small size pup please tell me i want to adopt a female puppy, but i can’t afford delivery charges or any charges but i love dogs so i want to give my love to them.
    thank you.

  • Miriam Sorrell Posted on November 6, 2011

    You have a great heart full of compassion and will serve to enlighten and teach people in your own country that animals have feelings and needs just as we humans do – thanks for giving them that right, their birthright.

  • Kat Posted on December 2, 2011

    Great, great, great Man !

  • Jacquelyn bruni Posted on January 4, 2012

    You are a true Buddah of Compassion. Thank you. for those here in the US Best Friends deserves are help. You can volunteer there or send funds. Amazing place

  • M.C. Merkus Posted on January 23, 2012

    Wow….! Talk about a big ♥ for animals!

  • animal lover Posted on February 17, 2012

    Hats off! A standing ovation to him! Humanity is not dead….may God bless him with all d happiness of the world!

  • angela Posted on February 17, 2012

    thank u buddy. you are God sent to these poor babies. keep up the great work.

  • Big G. Posted on February 19, 2012

    He should set up a donation page I think many would. Nice to see a real man do manly things. By the way go vegan.

  • Rei Posted on March 7, 2012

    OWWW !! This is awesome T.T
    I wish to do that as well when i grew up ;D
    Nice man !!!

  • Laura Posted on March 8, 2012

    Good and bad people are everywhere. Please don’t stereotype anybody from any country!

  • mario Posted on March 18, 2012

    i hope its good men . i pray all my force to be real. but chinese people kill dog and cat for food and fur sell to my contry the Canada . the Canadian and Chinese politiciant are very dad race people.