Chinese Hairdresser Uses Zen Meditation to Cut Hair with His Eyes Closed

Tian Hao, a Chinese hair-stylist, from Xi’an, Shanxi Province, has recently made news headlines with his unique method of cutting hair. With his eyes shut, Tian claims to use Zen meditation to “feel” the aura of his customers’ hair and trim it without chopping bits of scalp.

Until now, I thought using an open flame was the most extreme way of styling hair, but after reading about Tian Hao’s technique, my opinion has changed. This Chinese master keeps his eyes closed while wielding two sharp scissors and unleashes his hair-cutting talents on live subjects who actually pay a fortune for his service. To demonstrate his unusual skill, Tian recently made a demonstration at his salon in Xi’an, where he cut two models’ hair at the same time, without chopping their scalps off. In fact, the beggar-looking hairdresser says he hasn’t had an accident with the scissors yet.

Photo: Europics

But how exactly is Tian Hao able to cut his clients’ hair without even looking at them? He told Chinese reporters it’s all thanks to Zen meditation, which helps him feel the aura of people’s hair, allowing him to cut it just right. Once he’s finished trimming the hair, he uses a vacuum cleaner instead of a blow dryer to style clients’ hairdos. “Not only does it layer the hair perfectly, but is also sucks up all the clippings too,” he says. But, as you can imagine, this kind of unique service doesn’t come cheap. Hao charges 3,900 yuan ($610) for men and 3,600 ($570) yuan for women, and never offers discounts. He says you can get discounts at the supermarket, but if you want his haircut, you have to pay full price. Most other hairdressers in Xi’an feel the price tag  for a haircut is outrageous, regardless of how unique the technique is.

Photo: Europics

Would you pay that kind of money for a haircut, or do you think Tian Hao is robbing his clients blind?


Sources: Xi’an CityAustrian Times

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