Controversial Rent-a-Girlfriend Website Proves Big Hit in France

Spoil yourself, rent a girlfriend! This is the line French site uses to convince male visitors to legally rent a female friend, for an hour, an evening, a night or for a weekend.

Tired of being alone? Are you looking for a female companion who can spoil you and make you feel relaxed? Have you tried a bunch of dating sites that left you disappointed? Don’t worry, help is just a few clicks away – Loue Une Petite Amie, which translates as “rent a girlfriend” actually allows guys to rent female companions, legally! The French website assures its clients they have nothing to fear from the law, because this isn’t actually prostitution, but a simple case of renting a person…which apparently isn’t illegal in France.

According to the controversial website, men using Loue Une Petite Amie can find the most beautiful women, invite them to dinner, a song…a nice evening…and more, for anywhere between 20 euros and 540 euros. The site is apparently addressed to all kinds of men, from bachelors who need a break from social pressure regarding their status, married men who are bored of the routine of their private lives, and even people who dislike their sons’ girlfriends and want to find them someone more suitable.

This sounds a lot like an escort service, or prostitution, but founder Alex Woog – who also owns, one of the largest renting and leasing websites in France – denies such allegations saying this service may not be the kind of renting people are normally used to, but it is indeed just a renting service. The site may claim it’s all legal, but what does the law have to say about this?

Well, French law is very vague when it comes to this kind of issues…Pimping is indeed illegal, but prostitution in itself, isn’t. From a legal standpoint, no judge would convict Woog and the team behind Loue Une Petite Amie, especially since the website specifies the renting of a girlfriend has nothing to do with sexual relations. But, once the two people go into a private room together, and consent to certain actions, the law can’t intervene in what goes on between them.

The kind of service offered by Loue Une Petite Amie is very popular in Asian countries like Japan and China,and although the site has spawned a lot of controversy, until France updates its laws to fight prostitution in all its forms, men can enjoy them without fear of legal consequences.

The day it opened, Loue Une Petite Amie received 550 applications from women wanting to become girlfriends, and 5,000 proposals from men who wanted to rent them…I’d say it’s a successful venture.

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