Coolest Finds of the Week #34

Heavyweight Pets Enter Slimming Contest (The Sun)

The Deceptive Beauty of Indonesia’s Deadly Acid Volcano (Environmental Graffiti)

86-Year-Old Gymnast Proves Age Is Just a Statistic (MSNBC)

Back to the Future Fan Creates Iconic Delorean Replica (Brian O’Neal)

Amazing Fabric House Models by Do Ho Suh (Design Boom)

World’s Oldest Performing Clown (Chicago Suntimes)

Thailand’s Treetop Restaurant (Gizmag)

Snoop Dog Creates Smokable Songbook (The Dieline)

The Annual Texas Rattlesnake Massacre (Environmental Graffiti)

Incredibly Detailed Star Wars Drawings Made with One Continuous Line (Geek Tyrant)

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  • Exmortisfangirl Posted on April 9, 2012

    Geez…another delorean converted into a back to the future prop!
    Sorry, but judging by the fact that the growing amount
    Of deloreans (I may be exaggerating here) being converted,
    Will that mean that any remaining delorean from the
    Time of back to the future will resemble a movie prop?
    The company that makes them should just release
    Deloreans that look exactly like the one from back to
    The future. That way aging fans will not kill themselves
    Trying to make an awesome car:)