World’s Youngest Tycoon Is Just 8 Years Old

Man has done his bit to improve various things around him and, in doing so, he’s even managed to improve himself. Maybe not directly, but they don’t say children are the future for no reason.

In 2010, Mark Zuckerberg went down in history as one of the youngest people ever to be deemed Times “Person of the Year” and is also one of the world’s youngest self made billionaire. This year, Sebastian Vettel went down in history as the youngest driver to ever win two consecutive Formula 1 titles alongside a large number of “world’s youngest” achievements he already has under his belt. All great stories, but when it comes to the world of business, these rich twenty-something year-old success stories have been rather outdone by the protagonist of this story. His name is Harli Jordean and he’s reached business success at just eight years of age.

I know, there’s plenty of people that have managed to be successful in business, but very few without college/masters degrees or at least some experience. Further more, saying Harli Jordean earned his title of tycoon in just 8 years doesn’t tell the full story. The man, pardon me, boy is not only the youngest ever person to have a successful business, he’s also the first to give his mother a proper job.

Sorry to stretch this out but let’s not forget that he’s still at an age where some colleagues are still eating paste. Harly Jordean, the young tycoon, hit his success by doing what ever good business should, identifying a market and then covering it to his best abilities. The market in question was marbles. We may live in a world where man has bettered everything from air-flight to games, but nostalgia still lives within us and everybody has at least considered playing with marbles beyond their infancy. Believe it or not, plenty still do, some even collect marbles and this is why Harly Jordean became the “Marble King” so quicly. After all, collectible sets  do reach prices come in close to 1000 dollars.

Some prohibitively priced products are far from cramping the Marble King‘s business as even with most of his family (all older than him) employed, he’s still struggling to cope with the orders he’s getting. Apparently, the eight year old has Sir Alan Sugar for a role model which makes sense. The British billionaire is also a self-made man, only he started his first business venture at sixteen. Sure, it’s early, but the Marble King has nearly a decade jump on him.

If the child tycoon keeps on going someday we won’t be able to say we lost our marbles without infringing on some patent.

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