Bedazzle Your Food with the World’s First Edible Spray Paint

I never would have imagined humans would one day be eating spray paint, and yet here we are…Food Finish is the world’s first edible spray paint, and according to its German manufacturer, it’s a great way to add some strange color to your food.

People have been eating strange things for a long time. There’s this woman in Ukraine who enjoys eating sand, another girl who savors soap bars, and even someone who likes to eat sponge, but spray paint is definitely something new. And apparently it doesn’t fall into the weird category because it was actually designed to be consumed and it’s totally safe. German-based producer The Deli Garage Food Cooperative says its ethanol-based edible spray paints are tasteless and odorless, and can be applied on any kind of food to make it look better. Food Finish is available in four different colors – gold, silver, blue and red – and has to be applied in layers in order to achieve that perfect effect. “I love it when it’s not only our cars which have a metallic finish but also our tomatoes,” Deli Garage project manager Kaya-Line Knust said. “It’s great when you see not only a steak on a plate, but a gold-plated one!” Yeah, who needs all those healthy-looking colors when you can go for gold, right?


I would probably never use something like this, because I find my food exciting enough, but Food Finish seems to be a very popular novelty item, as the Deli Garage Food Cooperative confirms the edible spray paint is their top seller. If you’ve always wanted to eat blue strawberries or silver apples like the heroes of your favorite fantasy stories, Food Finish is available online for €24.80 ($32).






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Feedback (2 Comments)

  • A Posted on March 5, 2013

    Sorry; it’s nothing new!

    They have gold and silver edible spray paint in my local supermarket here in the UK – Google “Dr Oetker Shimmer Spray Gold” (or look for the silver version if you prefer)

  • lyndsay Posted on March 14, 2013

    that first picture is gnarly! and fascinating.. ! would be so strange to eat a spray painted food! as our minds would just tell us it’s not safe! ha… really enjoying your website! ^__^