The Banana Wall

How many bananas does it take to make a work of art? According to graphic designer, Stefan Sagmeister, the answer is 7200. He has a wall of 7200 stacked bananas on display in New York City, at 76 Grand Street, along with many other of his masterpieces, but if you are considering going to see it live, I suggest you hurry, I don’t even want to imagine what it’s going to smell like on February 23rd, when the exhibition closes, those bananas look a little too ripe.

Here are some photos if you can’t go and see it live:

the banana wall

a wall covered with bananas

art made from fruits

art made from bananas

banana wall project

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Feedback (28 Comments)

  • Corgi Posted on February 15, 2008

    Not art.

    Doesn’t take a lot of talent or imagination to slap some bananas on a wall.

  • Crazy Guy Posted on February 15, 2008

    ?!?!?!? sweet!!!

  • John Posted on February 15, 2008

    Wow, he could have taken a photo then donated the bananas to a local food bank. Now they are just going to go to the trash. 🙁

  • Shelley Posted on February 16, 2008

    umm… work of art or COMPLETE WASTE OF FOOD??!!?

    This is extremely disappointing to see happening. Do you have any idea how many people those banana’s would have fed? 7200 to be exact!


  • lol Posted on February 16, 2008

    What a waste of food.

  • Sara D. Posted on February 16, 2008

    WOW. Someone had a bit too much time on his hands…

    but its cool anyways!!!

  • Simon Posted on February 16, 2008

    What’s it meant to symbolize? The number of people who die every day of starvation?

  • Nicholas LaGatta Posted on February 16, 2008

    I think the art is very beautiful, but I cannot help but think about how much health and nutrition that people in need could get from 7200 bananas or the equivalent in other goods. It is beautiful, but the thought of all that wastefulness is more than enough to overshadow any benefit that may come of the art piece.

  • ant Posted on February 16, 2008

    This is kind of retarded.

  • Lin Floyd Posted on February 16, 2008

    This is not art. This is a produce display, like you might see at the local SuperMarket.

  • Debra Posted on February 16, 2008

    But… why? I mean, bananas? I don’t want to be the one to clean that up either! lol

  • Alin Posted on February 16, 2008

    Art is supposed to mean something. What does this wall mean? This is far from being art.

  • shawn Posted on February 16, 2008

    hmm… dont look like art to me. Maybe the monkeys will appreciate it

  • Noelle Posted on February 17, 2008

    wow…what a waste of food…not to mention, it will be a slimy mess to clean up once they go bad..

  • wow Posted on February 18, 2008

    hahaha, i got a good chuckle from corgi’s comment, i agree.

  • HOLLA Posted on February 21, 2008

    While I agree completely that this isn’t very awe inspiring as an art form and is a disgusting waste of food, I find it interesting (Good interesting) That so many people commented on it that way. It shows that there is a great deal more awareness in our society today. And that makes me glad 🙂

  • Karen Posted on February 21, 2008

    Oh, shut up. All these “this isn’t art” comments are just stupid. Isn’t the whole point of art that it can’t be defined? You don’t get to say, this is not art because it does not take talent. Piet Mondrian’s pieces could easily be emulated without ‘talent’, and that does not make them any less ‘art’.

    And it’s not like the wastage of the bananas is truly that much worse than the expenditure of an equal amount of non-food resources on any given art project.

  • Jordan Posted on February 21, 2008

    Look, if any of you or the person writing this took time to read about the instillation you’d know that he wrote a phrase in the bananas( when they are not ripe they’re green and thats what he wrote the phrase in, green bananas) As they ripened the phrase disappeared. As they started to rot, the phrase came back again. The bananas are used because they changed over time. If you knew about Sagmeister you’d know he works with MANY charities and he does a lot of work for non-profit, please do your research before bashing something you don’t know about.

  • dumass Posted on February 21, 2008

    you found glue and fruit

  • blair Posted on February 22, 2008

    whoever posted this completely misrepresented the exhibit. originally the bananas were arranged in such a way that the less ripe bananas spelled something. unfortunately i can’t remember what it was. but regardless, like it or not, it was not just bananas suck on a wall.

  • Adam Posted on February 22, 2008

    I think its ironic all these people complain about it not being “art” because its not painted or sculpted? Didnt we learn anything from Duchamp’s Urinal??? Voted the most influential work of art of all time by 500 art experts:

    But of Ignorance goin’ round here if ya ask me

  • Caio Posted on February 22, 2008

    Obviously, art -sophisticated art at least – is a series of arbitrary and ostentatious displays of wealth, meant only to waste time, money and resources that could be put to good use.

  • alskdjfasdlf Posted on February 26, 2008

    To everyone complaining that it’s a waste of food: maybe that’s the point (and part of what makes it “art”)?

  • Anuop Posted on March 4, 2008


  • Minna Posted on April 18, 2008

    I swear to all gods mankind has ever imagined: if you don’t stop posting these retarded “but these resources could have been used to feed the poor and the hungry, wahh wahh whine whine” comments in EVERY post on this site I’m going to come over there and kick your butts. Seriously, stop repeating yourselves, PLEASE. Yes, the resources could have probably been used in a more efficient way, but that’s the deal with 99% of the shit that goes on in the world, NOW SHUT UP ABOUT IT!

  • kiley Posted on March 15, 2009

    The phrase was “Self-Confidence Produces Fine Results”

  • Sarah Farrukh Posted on May 16, 2011

    wow this this real bananas or plastic…?