Young Artist Uses Gravity as Her Paintbrush

Toronto-based artist Amy Shackleton creates amazingly detailed paintings without using brushes, or even her fingers. Instead she just relies on gravity to slowly guide the paint across the canvas.

It’s almost impossible to believe anyone can paint such beautiful artworks without a paintbrush, but actually doing it all by using the laws of gravity? That can’t be true, right? Actually it can, and if you’re not going to take my word for it, just check out the timelapse video at the bottom of the page, that features around 30 hours of work compressed into just two minutes. I watched it several times, and I still can’t get over how talented this girl is.

“Amy Shackleton paints post-industrial worlds that blur the boundaries between what is urban/rural, real/surreal and concrete/organic. Drawing inspiration from her own global travels and photographs, Shackleton fuses opposing worlds to create her own visions of the future. Shackleton’s technique is calculated yet spontaneous reflecting her urban and natural inspiration. She uses squeeze bottles to apply her paint, then rotates the canvas to manipulate each and every drop. Using natural force of gravity she controls the flow of paint but also allows for unpredictable results.”

Prepare to be amazed:








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