Meet Eak the Geek

From the people who brought you The Zombie Boy, Bizarre Magazine, comes Eak the Geek

I’m sure you look at thi guy and say to yourself: This guy belongs in a circus!” And he actually was a part of the Coney Island Circus Slideshow, in New York, where he was known as Eak the Geek, The Pain-Proof Man or The Man Who Painted His Face Like Outer Space. His acts included walking on broken glass, or asking people to walk over him as he was sandwitched between two beds of nails.

But that’s all behind 45-year-old Eduardo Arrocha, who is now a stundent at a presitgious law school in Michigan and trying to make something of his life. And although it’s hard for him to fit in looking as he does, his father is a big-shot in corporate law, so he probably has the genes to pull-ut off.

Eak the Geek says law school is the hardest thing he has ever undertaken, making acting in a freakshow seem like a piece of cake.He’s now telling people he left a freakshow for another.

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Record Attempt Close to Ending Tragically

A Chinese balance-beam artist attempted a new world record for balancing on a wire 700 meters into the air with no safety measures. Unfortunately things didn’t go exactly as planned and one false step almost ended his career and his life. Fortunately he was quick enough to grab on to the wire he was balancing on.

Though he couldn’t control his emotions and started acting all hysterical, he managed to hold-on until the cavalry showed up and got him down safely. I bet he won’t be trying to break any records in the near future.





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Swimming with Tigers

At the Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species in South Carolina anyone can witness how beautiful tiger handlers swim in a big pool together with the big cats. During their studies here, animal experts learned that tigers and human develop a stronger relationship in the water and that the cats are easier to handle, since they don’t stand on their back legs.

Unlike other cats, tigers are great swimmers and they enjoy spending as much time as possible in the water. However, because they slowly grow into dangerous killing machines, the handlers only swim with them until they turn one year old. Dr. Bhagavan Antle says he has got nto the water with full-grown 15-year-old tigers and ligers (cross between a lion and a tiger), but he can’t put his staff in the same kind of danger.









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Wedding Marathon of Artsakh

A true wedding marathon took place last week in the small Republic of Artsakh, internationally known as Nagorno-Karabakh. The fact that they are living in a territory disputed between Azerbaijan and Armenia, didn’t stop the inhabitants of this country to prove their  independence by organizing a wedding marathon.

700 pairs united their destinies in a ceremony that will go down in the record books as one of the biggest mass-weddings in history.







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Cholla – The Painting Horse

It’s official, animals are talented painters, if the painting elephants weren’t proof enough, now Cholla, a painting horse shows his skill.

mustang-quarter horse with incredible painting talent, Cholla‘s works have recently been accepted into an art exhibition that will take place in Montigliano Veneto, Italy. He will be competing against 1,770 renowned artists from all over the world, and we’re talking humans, so yes, this horse has enough talent to match up to human artists. He won’t be able to claim the cash prizes if he wins but he will get a special mention.

Cholla‘s career began when his owner, Renee Chambers, bought some water colors, mixed them up, glued a piece of paper to a fence, and handed him the brush. Cholla grabbed it, started stroking and he never stopped, in fact he got better and better and now he’s a star in the USA. In case you were wondering, Cholla made the transition from the fence to the easel without hesitation, like a true artist.

The organizers of the Italian art exhibition said they were stunned when they found out the artist of the artworks they accepted was of the equine species but respected his talent even more.



Photos courtesy of Renee Chambers

The Ring of Brodgar

A place just as mysterious as the much more popular Stonehenge, The Ring of Brodgar is located in the outskirts of Orkney, Scotland. One of the many rock circles across Britain, The Ring of Brodgar is the third largest of them all, with 27 stone monoliths ranging from 2.1 to a maximum of 4.1 meters in height.

It was one of the first ceremonial places in the British Isles and it was first recorded in the 16 century, in one of Jo Ben‘s writings. The exact date of the site is unknown and there hasn’t been any digging inside the stone circle to determine its age, but it is believed it dates back to 2500 BC.

There were originally 60 stones in the Ring of Brodgar but only 27 still stand tall today. the last research was conducted here back in the 70s.












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Radical Hummer Tuning

Sure many might not consider this real tuning but according to me this is the most radical tuning I’ve ever seen, better than the super audio system even. The man who did this really wanted to go all out to stand out and as you can see in the photos he was successful. Anyone can get some “bling-bling” rims, a low spoiler and stuff like that, but wooden wagon-wheels? Genius, simply genius.







The Real Burger King

21-year-old Brad Sciullo of Uniontown is the first person to ever finish eating the monster-burger known as the Beer Barrel Belly Bruiser. The burger itself weighed 15 pounds but with all the toppings (lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, onions, mild banana peppers, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard and relish)  and the buns, it reached 20,2 pounds. Sure any man could gobble down a delicacy like this but hardly anyone could do it in 5 hours.

Brad Sciullo managed to do it, but it wasn’t easy, as he himself admits: “About three hours into it, things got tough,”and everyone can understand why. But he pushed himself to the edge and manage to finish the whole burger and won a $400 prize, 3 t-shirts, a certificate and “a burger hangover” as the owner od Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub, where the event took place.

Asked why on Earth he decided to eat the giant burger, Sciullo said “I wanted to see if I could.”




Gobekli Tepe – The Turkish Stonehenge

The title isn’t actually doing Gobekli Tepe justice since the Turkish archaeological site is 7,000 years older than Stonehenge.

Located 35 miles north of Turkey‘s border with Syria, Gobekli Tepe consists of 20 T-shaped stone towers, carved with drawings of snakes, scorpions, lions, boars, foxes and other animals. The amazing thing about them is they date back to 9,500 BC, 5,500 years before the first cities of Mesopotamia and 7,000 years before the circle of Stonehenge. Scientists say that back then humans hadn’t even discovered pottery or domesticated wheat. They lived in villages, had no agriculture and only relied on hunting to survive.

Gobekli Tepe changes everything archaeologists discovered so far and it is considered the most important archaeological find in recent history. Klaus Schmidt, the man who first discovered Gobekli Tepe says the carvings might be the first human representation of gods.








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World’s Most Flexible Secretary

I wouldn’t mind having her take all my calls, handle my mail and…Well, that last one doesn’t exactly fit the typical secretary job description. Must be nice being able to hold two jobs, one as a secretary and one as a contortionist, it’s easier to pay the bills.

Or she could be a secretary for a firm that handle a lot of male clients, she’s the perfect bait.

I wonder if she knows Rubber Boy, they could really hit it off.


The Asphalt Lake of Trinidad

It may look as uninteresting as an empty parking-lot but it is much more than that…it’s a natural asphalt lake.

The Pitch Lake, as it is frequently called is a “lake” covering about 40ha with a reported depth of about 75 meters. Instead of  water, the Pitch Lake is filled with…pitch. Although it hasn’t been carefully studied, scientists say it lies at the intersection of two faults, which allows oil to be pushed up. Its lighter elements simply evaporate in the atmosphere and leave only the asphalt.

It was discovered back in 1595 by Sir Watler Raleigh and it has fascinated the scientific world ever since. It attracts about 20,000 tourists every year but some simply find it too boring. Asphalt from The Pitch Lake is mined for asphalt that is then exported all-over the world as high-quality road-construction material.









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The Sound of WW2

German designer Markus Kison invented a device that lets people experience the atmosphere of WW 2 nowadays.

Set up in the German city of Dresden, Markus Kison‘s so-called time machine takes people back to the 13th of February  1945 when bombs were dropping all over the city and the whole country was in chaos. But the most remarkable thing about Kison‘s invention is the way it operates. It’s not just some ordinary siren that emits sounds of bombing, it operates in complete silence. People just have to put their elbows on the iron fence on witch the device is installed and cover their ears with their palms. The sound is transmitted through vibrations that make their way through the bones until they reach the ears.

Fascinating invention by Markus Kison!








Fattest Athlete in the World

After 499-kg-heavy Jose Luis Garza died last week and countryman Manuel Uribe, who weighed 558 kg, lost 230kg and is still cutting down the pounds every day, Emanuel Yabrauh has become the new world’s fattest athlete. Yabrauh is also the world’s biggest and heaviest sumo wrestler, weighing almost 400 kg.
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Gearbox made out of matchsticks

Made by a Russian student as a school project, this Matchsticks Gearbox proves anything can be built if you have A LOT of patience.















Setenil de las Bodegas – living under a rock

That’s literally what some of the inhabitants of Setenil de las Bodegas feel like, because part of this small Spanish town is covered by a large cliff. And this big piece of stone looks like it could come tumbling down on tens of houses if an earthquake happens in the area.










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