Abandoned Greyhound Acts as Guide and Protector for His Blind Sister

A couple of animal shelter workers in the municipality of Navalcamero, near Madrid, Spain, recently came across the most heartwarming sight – a five-month old greyhound helping his blind sister cross the road. The two dogs were apparently moving very slowly through traffic, with the female resting her head on the male’s back. When the two women approached the dogs to help them out, they were visibly nervous, but the male greyhound stuck with his sister instead of running away to safety.

The women quickly realised that the female greyhound was visually impaired because she had thin white films over both eyes. They eventually took the canine pair to the shelter where they work and ran a few health tests, confirming that she was indeed blind. Further tests revealed that the female became blind as a result of a virus, and that her condition might be treatable. It seems that the two pups have been abandoned and have stuck with each other since then, with the male acting as his sister’s guide, never leaving her side and protecting her from danger. Caregivers at the ‘El Refugio’ dog shelter have named the female ‘Blinder’, and her brother ‘Pisper’.


“It is so touching that such a small dog like Pisper has been able to comprehend that they have been abandoned, that his sister can’t see and that he should stay at her side all the time to be her permanent guide and protection,” said Nacho Paunero, the shelter’s president. “Deeds like this remind us once more that we humans have a lot to learn from the animals who we share this planet with and that they deserve all our respect and affection, as well as our help whenever they might need it.”


Soon after Blinder and Pisper were found wondering on the streets, El Refugio started looking for a family willing to adopt them as a couple, because they spend all their time together and appeared inseparable. At the same time, they started treating Blinder’s condition, and within a month she had made a full recovery, regaining her vision completely.


Finding an adoptive family willing to take in not one, but two dogs, was a very difficult task, but miracles do happen, and on Christmas Eve, El Refugio posted a YouTube video of Blinder and Pisper being introduced to their new family. Cristina and Sergio, a young couple living in Madrid with their three children had learned of the two abandoned greyhounds via a Twitter message, and they  immediately knew they wanted them to be a part of their family.

The family already owned a ten-year-old Labrador Retriever who they knew would love some company, so they contacted El Refugio. The video also includes some snapshots of Blinder and Pisper in their new home, and they seem genuinely happy.

Photos: El Refugio

Sources: Diario Informacion, ICN Diario

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