Chinese Wolf Whisperer Looks After 320 Wolves

A 26-year-old animal lover from China has been taking care of over 300 wolves at a wildlife rescue station in the country’s Inner Mongolia region.

Ever since he was a child, Wang Nan was fascinated by the unity and bonds of wolves as a species, so when he got a chance to work with his favorite animals as an adult, he jumped at the opportunity. In 2015, he started working at an animal rescue reserve in Xilinhot, Inner Mongolia, taking care of injured wild wolves, feeding them, breeding them, and slowly earning their trust. Over the years, his pack of wolves grew to around 320 animals, including young pups, who seem to consider him their friend.


In a short video that recently went viral on Chinese social media, Wang explains that he spends every day with the wolves, playing with them, feeding them and that he considers the animals his most loyal friends. Even though many of them came to the wildlife rescue station as wild wolves, they gradually accepted Wang Nan and now consider him one of their own.


The 26-year-old man admitted that he suffered injuries during his years of trying to get close to the wolves, the most severe of which was a bite that required 30 stitches. He considers the injury a worthy price to pay, as the wolf that bit him eventually allowed him to get close, pet him and even started playing with him.


Wang Nan said that his 320 wolves are everything to him and that he hopes to grow old taking care of them.


Interestingly, Wang Nan’s story is reminiscent of another Chinese wolf whisperer we featured a while back. In 2016, we wrote about “The Wolf King“, a businessman who was raising 150 wolves from 8 different species in a valley that had become known as Wild Wolf Valley.