Heartbroken Dog Waits Three Years for Owner That Is Never Coming Back

A small dog’s loyalty recently melted the hearts of millions of Koreans, after the media reported that it had been waiting for his owner to return home for three years, not knowing that she never would.

A few years ago, an old lady from Busan, South Korea, adopted a cute little stray dog that she named Fu Shi. The two lived happily for a while, but tragedy struck three years ago, when the old lady suffered brain hemorrhage which eventually led to dementia. She had to be taken to a nursing home to be under constant special care, and the small pooch found itself all alone again. But he had no idea that the old lady was never coming back, so he spent the last three years waiting for her.

Neighbors told news reporters that, every day, Fu Shi could be seen waiting for his owner at the corner of the alley to her house. He would sit there all day, until nightfall, and would then retreat back into the now-abandoned house that they had shared. Touched by the animal’s loyalty, one of the neighbors contacted an animal rescue, and told them his touching story. Apparently, Fu Shi survived on the food that the neighbors left for him ever since his owner went away, but they couldn’t do anything about his sadness.

After giving Fu Shi a check up, a vet determined that he was 8-years-old, and suffering from intestinal worms. He was given a treatment and made a full recovery.

Fortunately, this heartbreaking story has a happy ending. Sina reports that after ample media coverage in South Korea and other Asian countries, Fu Shi has been adopted by a loving family. He also has a new name now, Sky.