Spanish Company Specializes in Building Pools That Look Like Sandy Oasis

Piscinas de Arena is a Spanish pool company that can build you a realistic-looking oasis with a sandy beach and turquoise water right in the comfort of your own backyard.

With the Covid-19 pandemic causing havoc around the world, vacations to tropical paradises may have to take a back-seat this year, but that doesn’t men you can’t bring their sandy beaches and crystal clear waters to you. That’s where Piscinas de Arena comes in. Literally translated as Sand Pools, the Spanish company uses patented technologies and materials to turn your average-looking backyard into a stunning tropical paradise complete with a sandy beach and tranquil, turquoise water.

If your backyard doesn’t have a pool, Piscinas de Arena can build it from scratch, and if already have one, it can convert it into a welcoming oasis. It has a team of designers and landscapers to help clients come up with custom shapes and designs for their pools, and can build a standard-size pool in just 30 days. Best of all, even though Piscinas de Arena is based in Spain, it takes orders from all over the world.

These inviting pools are built from a proprietary material called NaturSand® and described as special concrete mixed with compacted sand. It provides the visual appearance of a sandy beach with the advantage of being much cleaner. There is no sand to stick to your feet or be blown into your eyes. Instead, you get non-slip, smooth and soft material that never gets hot, allowing you to walk barefoot without a care.

While Piscinas de Arena doesn’t offer any pricing information on its website, I assume its custom NaturSand® pools don’t come cheap.

If you’re looking for a true backyard tropical oasis complete with real golden sand, you can always go for the pristine sandy ponds built by Louisiana-based company Zydeco Construction, LLC. I don’t know how practical such an investment really is – I’m mainly worried about maintenance – but these sandy pools sure look cool.