Texas Family Has Ordinary-Looking Barns Converted Into Epic Country Houses

‘Barndominiums’ are becoming a major home improvement trend in North Texas, thanks to Morton Buildings, a construction company that specializes in converting ordinary barns into luxurious dwellings. They started in the year 2000, and they have since transformed thousands of barns and sheds across the US into beautiful mansions.

Paul and Judy Pogue, from McKinney, Texas, are the proud owners of two of the most amazing barndominiums made by Morton – one in their hometown and a 10-bedroom one in Oklahoma. The one in McKinney, a 6,600 square-foot steel structure, looks rather boring from the outside, but the inside is simply breathtaking. The old barn is finished with hard wood walls and floors, leather furnishings, chandeliers, a bar, kitchen, and all the other comforts of a luxury home.


Until 2001, the Pogue’s steel barn was used as a home for their champion steers, but after seeing what Morton Buildings could do with a barn, they decided to make a change. Nowadays, their bardominium is one of the most stunning homes in Texas, though you couldn’t tell by simply driving past it on a country road. You’d have to go inside and see all the work that has gone into transforming the place into a truly unique abode.


“Everyone has the same response, ‘Oh my, this is amazing!’” Judy Pogue told NBC5 News, and looking at these photos of their bardominium I consider that a normal reaction.


Both Paul and Judy love all the extra space that their barndominiums provide – for Paul, they’re great for housing his collectible cars and trophies of deer, bear, and mountain cat. And Judy likes that there’s plenty of room for all their friends and family to gather under one roof.


In case you’re interested, the cost of Morton bardominium can be anywhere between $80,000 and $200,000. Money well spent if you ask me.




The Pogue’s bardominiums in McKinney and Oklahoma are just two of the thousands of masterpieces created by Morton Buildings. For more, check out the company’s Facebook portfolio.

Photos: Morton Buildings

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