A Cathedral Made from 55,000 LED Lights at Ghent Light Festival

Created by Cagna Illumiations, the light cathedral made from 55,000 LEDs, for the 2012 Ghent Light Festival is one of the most beautiful light displays you’ll ever see.

Designed as a symbolic entrance to the Ghent Light Festival, the colorful cathedral imagined by Italian company Luminarie De Cagna stole the show at this year’s event. The gigantic colonnade was adorned with around 55,000 colorful LED bulbs that shine so bright you’d think they consume enough electricity to power a small town, but in reality, the entire installation consumes only 20 Kwatt/h. Inspired by Romanesque and Renaissance architecture, the LED cathedral towered 28 meters high.

Photo © Stijn Coppens

This project seems even more impressive when you think Luminarie de Cagna was founded in 1930, as a family business that illuminated buildings and squares with oil and carbide lamps, on festive occasions. They then turned to electric light and since 2006, only LEDs are used for their light projects. Bulbs are joined together to make large curtains of light able to illuminate entire streets and squares.

Photo © Sacha Vanhecke

Photo ©  Zeldenrust

Photo © Rudy Denoyette

Photo © Jeroen Fassaert 

via This Is Colossal