Artist Creates Amazingly Detailed Illustrations from Hundreds of Smaller Illustrations

If you look carefully at Armenian artist Davit Yukhanyan’s meticulously intricate illustrations, you’ll realize that they actually consist of hundreds of smaller illustrations that make up the form, background and shading of the main drawing.

The incredibly talented 26-year-old has been drawing and creating for as long as he can remember. Although he works as an architect now, he tries to draw whenever he finds the time. “Drawing is my passion and music is my inspiration,” he said.

For his ‘drawings within a drawing’, he uses a technical pen and paper, and makes them entirely by hand with no digital manipulation. “Just as everything in our world consists of different pieces, my drawing also consists of different pieces in the form of small illustrations that come together into one overall creation,” he said. “I draw the artwork with this concept in mind.”


Each piece measures 70 by 100 centimeters and is a composite of hundreds of tiny drawings that are arranged carefully to make a whole new image. Apart from the main subject, the dizzyingly complex drawings feature several abstract figures like animal-human hybrids, funny faces and shapes, as well as mechanical illustrations.


These illustrations range from larger line drawings in the lighter areas, to denser, darker ones in the shadowed areas of the overall picture. You could spend hours looking at these pieces and still find something new hidden in every corner.


He’s made two such artworks so far – ‘And When You Lose Control’ and ‘Isolated Winter’. Two may seem like a small number for a series, but once you realize just how much work must have gone into each project, two seems appropriate.



If you find these works of art as amazing as we do, you simply must check out the complex illustrations of Sagaki Keita, another master of the drawing-within-drawing technique.










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