Artist Paints Famous Landmarks with Bicycle Tire Tracks

Thomas Yang’s art is simple, minimal, and brilliant. The Singapore-based designer/illustrator couples his artistic talent with his passion for cycling to produce ‘bike print illustrations’ of world famous landmarks with bicycle tire tracks.

Thomas calls the series ‘100 copies’, because it is limited to, well, 100 prints per piece. The series consists of illustrations of some of the world’s most notable architectural landmarks, made using only the bike tires coated with black pigment.

Some of the most popular works in the series include illustrations of the London Bridge, the Eiffel Tower, and the Empire State Building. Each piece comes stamped with a quirky name and edition number, along with its own special bike-themed description.


London Bridge, for example, is titled ‘God Save the Bike’, and it reads: “Come traffic, hell, or high water, nothing wills stop london’s rising bike culture, thanks to its protected cycle lanes. Admire its leafy parks and iconic architecture, including the tower bridge, meticulously crafted here with 11 unique tyre tracks. Keep calm and ride on.”


To find out more about Thomas’ work, head to his website All the buyers of his work are listed by name and nationality on the site, which is a nice way of reminding people that just like tire tracks, the art prints have found their way all over the globe. In addition to prints, you can also check out his cool collection of tees and tote bags.











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