Artist Uses Her Shower Hair to Create Drawing-Like Artworks

Most people let the strands of hair that fall off when their shower just go down the drain, or they throw it in the trash, but Lucy Gafford, a multimedia artist from Alabama, uses it to create detailed works of art right on her bathroom wall.

The self-proclaimed “Shower Hair Master” discovered that her wet hair made a unique, albeit bizarre art medium, three years ago, while showering. She gathered the hair that came off of her head while washing it, and spread it on the bathroom wall, as she usually did. She planned to throw it away after she was done, but this time she noticed that the strands made up a recognizable shape, so she started playing around with the mass of hair and ended up creating a squirrel.

Gafford thought it would be funny to post her shower hair masterpiece on social media, as a gag, so she photographed the squirrel and posted it on social media. It was only supposed to be a joke, but a lot of people really liked it, so she started getting into this shower hair art thing and hasn’t looked back since.

Ever since that very first shower hair squirrel she shared in the beginning of 2014, Lucy Gafford has consistently posted new “drawings” at least once a week. She has created a whopping 420 artworks so far, all of which can be admired on her Twitter and Instagram pages.

And just in case you’re wondering, all of Lucy’s works are done freehand. She doesn’t draw the images and just place the hair strands over them, instead she just takes the mass of wet hair on her bathroom wall and manipulates them with her fingers to create all these wonderful hair drawings.

Born and raised in Mobile, Alabama, Lucy Gafford describes herself as a “painter, sculptor, maker of poorly-made costumes and shower hair art,” and while she’s really talented at all of them, it was the quirky shower hair that really got people talking about her.

So if you were looking for a creative way to use your shower hair, this should provide some inspiration.

Scroll down for a timelapse video of Lucy creating one of her shower hair drawings.


Photos: Lucy Gafford

Sources:, Teen Vogue via Weird Universe

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