Artist Uses Melting Ice-Cream to Create Deliciously Colorful Paintings

While most people prefer their ice-cream frozen, Baghdad-based artist Othman Toma likes it melted. He uses multi-colored melting treats as a medium for his art, instead of normal paint. And it works incredibly well. In fact, to the untrained eye, his artworks seem painted with regular watercolors.

Toma paints all sorts of stuff using ice cream – lions, tigers, women’s faces, popular monuments, and more. It’s  just marvelous how he manages to get such a wide array of colors with very few shades of the cold dessert. All he needs to do is reach out into his freezer, and he’s ready to paint!


To create the paintings, Toma places his chosen flavors of ice cream on a plate, until they melt. Once they do, he scoops up the sugary, colored liquid and begins to paint. When the piece is complete, he takes a photograph of it along with the ice creams that went into making it. A lion, for instance, he painted purely from choco bars. Some paintings were made with red and orange popsicles, while others had what appears to be pistachio and cherry ice cream.


Toma sure does prove that if you have an artistic mind, you can use virtually anything to create art. To check out more of his work, visit his Instagram page, here.




via Bored Panda

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