Hong Yi Strikes Again with Football Painted Portraits of Popular World Cup Players

Shanghai-based artist Hong Yi, a.k.a. ‘Red’, has combined her love for football and art in a very unique way – she recently painted a massive portrait of three superstars of the 2014 FIFA World Cup – Ronaldo, Neymar and Messi – by dribbling a paint-covered football on a canvas.

Red didn’t use a single paintbrush to create her amazing portraits of the three popular football players! Instead, she kicked a paint-stained football around on the canvas, and actually managed to paint highly accurate pictures of her subjects.


During the last few years, Hong Yi has made a name for herself in the art world, by creating mind-blowing artwork using the most unconventional methods. Some of her previous works include a portrait of Chinese film director Yimou Zhang, made with 750 pairs of socks, and one of basketball superstar Yao Ming, painted with a basketball. But this time, Red really outdid herself. If you watch the time lapse video, you can see that she dips footballs into individual buckets of paint and bounces them between her feet, carefully maneuvering them around the canvas.


She starts off with a ball rolled in yellow paint, to outline the heads of the players. Later, she adds red, blue and green to create the jerseys and then grey and black for the hair and facial features. “I think my painting skills are okay, but my soccer skills are questionable as you can see from the video,” she wrote on Facebook.




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