Man Who Bought Allegedly Haunted Painting Claims It Ruined His Life

A “weird thing collector” who paid $50 for a painting at a flea market, despite explicitly being warned that it brought nothing but misfortune, now claims the haunted artwork changed his life for the worse.

Dan Smith – not his real name – bought the unnamed painting of two dolls at a flea market, ignoring the former owner’s warnings that it was bad news. If anything, the fact that it was a bad luck charm was something of a bonus, as he wanted to test it out for himself. Unfortunately, his curiosity had a high price, as he claims he went on an “epic losing streak” as soon as he brought it home with him.

Smith said that he started losing sleep, discovered an insect infestation in his house, and the death of his pet hamster, who had always been in ‘perfect health’. Sickness, loneliness, sleeplessness and uneasiness all started creeping into his previously happy life, and he is convinced that it’s all because of the painting. Now he’s auctioning it off on eBay, in an attempt to get his old life back.

“The woman at the flea market warned me before buying this and I will warn you – no good can come from this painting. I didn’t think much of it at the time and just assumed she was one of those oddball dealers hawking their wares for cheap,” Dan wrote in the eBay product description section.

“As for the painting, it looked adorable, with two innocent-seeming dolls portrayed in it… but she was right – don’t be deceived,” the seller warned. “I don’t know whose cursed blood was mixed in with the paint to create this piece, but its powers are strong.”

Dan Smith explained that he could have simply destroyed the painting, set it on fire, but that comes with the risk of exposing himself to even greater misfortune. He’s selling it for the same price he bought it at, but hopes that people interested in the occult will pay a bit extra, to offset the losses incurred because of it.

“I’m starting the auction at $50, which is what I paid for it but am hoping it goes for more to make up for everything I’ve been through. But before you bid… you’ve been warned!” he said.

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