Meet the Artist Who Paints with Ten Brushes at the Same Time

Serge Feeleenger is a self-taught Belarussian artist who gained notoriety in the art world for allegedly inventing the ‘ten brushes’ painting technique, where he attaches a brush to each of his fingers and uses them simultaneously.

Guiding a single paintbrush on a canvas to produce a somewhat decent work of art is virtually impossible for most people, but can you imagine painting with ten brushes at the same time? Sounds pretty messy, but there is one man who has been perfecting this unique technique for over a decade. Serge Feeleenger apparently got the idea for painting with multiple paintbrushes at the same time after becoming annoyed with having to regularly change brushes during the artistic process. First, he found a way to attach three brushes to the fingers on his right hand, and after getting used to them, he added two more brushes to his left hand. Before long, he had a brush attached to every finger on both his hands.

Photo: Serge Feeleenger

“At first, I attached three brushes to the fingers on my right hand and tried to paint like this,” Serge told CGTN. “I was like, ‘wow, that’s cool and very convenient.’ The colors mingle together right away. Then I attached the brushes to my left hand. In the end, I had 10 brushes. I made very comfortable finger stalls. so I could change the brushes.”

Feeleenger claims that his ‘ten brushes’ painting technique challenges his brain to work differently than when using a single brush, building new neural connections and activating right-brain thinking.

Photo: Serge Feeleenger

The self-taught artist first honed his hand in traditional oil painting techniques before experimenting with multiple paintbrushes simultaneously and tackling various styles, from expressionism to hyperrealism.

Over the years, Serge Feeleenger showcased his unique painting technique at exhibitions in Germany, Italy, and Poland, and over the last couple of years, he has been promoting his skills throughout the US.


We’ve seen people draw with two hands simultaneously before, but this is the first time we’ve heard of someone painting with two brushes at the same time.