Drunk on Art – The Wine Paintings of Sanja Jankovic

Young Serbian artist Sanja Jankovic creates beautiful paintings by using various types of wine – red, white, rosé – instead of oil paint, watercolors or acrylics.

Sanja Jankovic has always tried turning things into art mediums, and after giving wine a go, she stuck with it. Not only did the end result look really cool, but the challenge of painting with wine was itself exciting. The talented artist was now limited to tones of red, pink and purple, but that only made things more interesting. The art form, which Jankovic has named “winerelle”, a play on ‘wine’ and ‘aquarelle’, is very unpredictable, as the wine continues to age on the canvas, so the artworks themselves develop over time.

Photo: Sanja Jankovic/Facebook

“These beautiful paintings are different and intriguing not only because of a wide variety of depicted motives that go all through art history but also because fermentation and oxidation continue the amazing artwork which is seen through a slight color transition of the wine stains from red and purple towards sepia hues, having limited but beautiful color range no other pigment could imitate,” Sanja Jankovic says. ‘It is also known as the ‘aging’ process.”


In the beginning, Sanja used all sorts of wine, from domestic to imported, from Merlot to Rhone Riesling, but over time she discovered that different wines interacted with the white canvas differently. She had to learn how various wines developed over time and which settled in the desired tones, in order to keep the painting quality consistent.


“Winerelle, the mysterious art form you can actually toast with, is just like the material it is made of – simply delicious,” the artist wrote on Behance. “And like wine, these paintings mature as if they were alive. Although permanent, the color is slightly changing over time, yet it’s brilliant contrasts remain the same.”


Over the last six years, Jankovic has used the winerelle technique to create a variety of delicious artworks, from portraits of her favorite Game of Thrones characters, to a replica of the Mona Lisa, portraits of pop icons like Marylin Monroe, as well as animals and landscapes.


Sanja Jankovic, who is based in Dubai, sells her artworks online, via her social media profiles (Instagram, Facebook).


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