One of These Eggs Is Real, the Other Is a Painting. Can You Tell Which Is Which?

A Japanese artist recently posted a picture of a hyper-realistic painting of a raw egg next to a photo of a real egg and challenged his social media followers to figure out which was which. Most of them couldn’t tell the difference. Can you?

Yas is a master of hyperrealistic painting, who spends hours on end trying to get every detail of his artworks just right to the point where most people cannot tell them apart from photos of actual things. He can draw various things, from cross-sections of fruits and vegetables, to ice-creams and cocktails, but his most impressive work yet has to be this raw egg done in acrylic that perfectly resembles a photo of a raw egg. According to his Instagram, he spent four hours a day painting it and it took him several days to complete, but the result is pretty impressive. I for one couldn’t tell which one was the painting and which was the photo, and apparently neither could most of his fans.

Photo: yasuta_kaii 32 I/Twitter

If you guessed that the image on the left is the painting, they you are correct, but you still have to admit that the two pictures are incredibly close in terms of realism. His challenge has been doing the rounds on Japanese social media, and his original Twitter post has gotten over 63,000 likes.


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But this raw egg isn’t Yas’ only impressive painting. A cross-section of a ripe tomato also caught my eye, and as you can see in one of the short videos that the artist posted on Instagram, the only way you can tell that it is a painting and not a photo is by leaning in really close to see the tiny specs of acrylic paint.

For more of Yas’ hyperrealistic art, check out his Twitter and Instagram.

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