Talented Makeup Artist Turns People into Living Comic Book Characters

Lianne Moseley is not your average makeup artist. While she has a full-time job doing bridal makeup, her real passion lies in painting faces to resemble three-dimensional cartoon characters!

The 25-year-old said that her passion for comics began as a child – she would spend hours sketching Sailor Moon after school and pour over her brother’s graphic novels. She also picked up all her makeup skills growing up. “My mom sold catalogue cosmetics and right from the start, I just got right into it,” she said. “In high school instead of studying I spent a lot of time practicing and doing friend’s makeup.”

Although Moseley has been painting faces for over two years, she recently started doing the comic-style makeup that has made her so popular. “When I first did Archer, I posted it on my Facebook page and my friends liked it but I didn’t have a big following but my brother really liked it and he posted it on Reddit,” she said. “Just last night Ashton Kutcher shared an article on my work on his Facebook page.”


Each comic transformation takes her about a couple of hours to complete, including the face and upper torso. So far, her favorite transformation was when she painted herself to look like Captain Planet. “Much of the notoriety I have received online is due to my older brother Derek posting my work on Reddit,” she said. “Captain Planet was my way of paying tribute to my brother and all his support of my art.”


“My favorite reaction will always be my dad’s after I turned myself into Archer,” she added. “When I sent him the picture he was mildly impressed and asked me which guy friend I had painted. When I told him it was me, the shock that was on his face was priceless, even more when he inquired where I got the suit, and I replied saying that I had painted it on as well.”


Moseley said that she dreams of doing movie makeup some day, but for now, she’s content with cosplay. You can check out more of her amazing superhero transformations on her Facebook and Instagram accounts.





Photos: Lianne Moseley/Facebook

Source: CTV Calgary

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