The Photo-Like Painted Portraits of Yasutomo Oka

These lovely portraits may look like high-definition artistic photographs, or even the product of CGI, but they are actually oil paintings created by Japanese artist Yasutomo Oka

At just 34-years-old, Yasutomo Oka is quite obviously already a master when it comes to hyperrealistic paintings. The artist, who hails from Komaki, in Japan’s Aichi Prefecture, spends up to a month working on one of these masterpieces, making sure that they turn out as realistic as possible, and the result is almost always awe-inspiring.

Photos: Yasutomo Oka

Even though each one of the feminine portraits he creates is inspired by a real-life model, Oka likes to use his painting skills to make slight alteration and achieve the effect he desires. The talented artist claims he is most tense when working on the eyes, as they are the most important feature, but he seems to always get them just right.

To learn more about Yasutomo Oka and his amazing hyperrealistic art, check out his blog, and also be sure to keep an eye on his Twitter and Facebook profiles.

via SoraNews24

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