Exceptionally Talented Artist Takes Hyperrealistic Oil Painting to Near Perfection

Swedish artist Anna Halldin Maule spends several months glazing layer upon layer of oil paint to create these stunning works of art that can easily pass for high-resolution photographs to the untrained eye.

Born in Gothenberg, Sweden, Anna took an interest in painting at a very young age, honing her skills under the guidance of her grandfather, celebrated artist Bror Halladin. Today, she is one of the world’s most respected hyper-realist painters, and looking at her breathtaking work, it’s easy to see why. Although she works with a limited palette of toned-down and muted colors, Halladin Maule is able to replicate human features so well, that her oil paintings often pass for photographs.

Anna’s works are so realistic-looking that she often has to mention that they are all done by hand, with no air brushing involved, and that the painting is done on blank canvases, not on top of enlarged photographs.

Photography does play a big part in the artistic process, though, as her paintings are based on photographs taken by her husband, acclaimed photographer Tom Maule. They do photo shoots with professional models and the artist than picks the best photos as references for her paintings.

Depending on the size and complexity of the painting, Anna says that it usually takes her between 2 and 4 months to complete a single work.

“I want the paintings to feature the women as strong and proud and elegant,” Anna Halldin Maule says about the message of her art. “And sometimes there’s a struggle for women in modern society and some of my paintings feature that.”


Photos: Anna Halldin Maule