Ukrainian Artists Create the Most Amazing Glass Spiders

Glass Symphony, a Ukrainian family-owned company specializing in hand-made glass sculptures, has become famous for its anatomically-correct arachnids.

Using a centuries-old technique known as lampworking, the artisans at Glass Symphony, use glass rods, extreme heat and fine wrist movements to manipulate colored glass into intricate miniatures. A gas burner is used to heat the glass to a temperature of 1800 degrees, after which trained artisans shape the glass into various animal-inspired shapes, from different species of spiders and locusts to snails and octopuses.

Despite their small size, every sculpture respects the anatomical features of the animal that inspired it. Each figurine is made by hand and therefore unique.


The creations of Glass Symphony – especially the spiders – regularly go viral on social media platforms like Reddit and Facebook. The company sells its hand-made products via its own website and its Etsy shop.

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