Werepups – Artist Creates Eerily Lifelike Werewolf Babies

Asia Eriksen, a horror enthusiast from Coaldale, Pennsylvania, has found an intriguing way of combining her artistic talent and her passion for horror – she spends weeks, sometimes even month,s creating custom werewolf babies called “werepups”.

34-year-old Asia Eriksen got the idea for her creepy Werepups as a child. The horror flick Silver Bullet got her really interested in werewolves, and at one point she started thinking about having a baby werewold for a pet. However, the horror enthusiast had no idea that she would end up making her childhood fantasy a reality herself, until she met her husband, who worked in special effects. Asia started experimenting with his materials and at one point made her first werepup sculpture, which her husband turned into a mould. The artist recalls that, at the time, she was just making the toy she had dreamed of as a child, not knowing that others would be interested in it. Today, werepups are so sought-after by horror fans that Eriksen can hardly keep up with demand.

Photo: Werepups/Facebook

The most striking feature of Eriksen’s werepups is how strikingly lifelike they look. The artist claims that that’s been her goal from the very beginning. She couldn’t get a real werewolf baby, so she might as well create one that looks as realistic as possible. To that end, she spends anywhere from a couple of weeks to over a month working on each werewolf baby, painting them by hand, and, most importantly, hand rooting all of their hair.

“There are no short cuts if you want a realistic result and it makes things take forever,” the artist told Vampire Squid. “Handmaking things and being very particular and hard on myself, and at the same time dealing with whatever life throws at me. I want things to be absolutely right with each one, and I’d rather miss a deadline than sacrifice quality. I had to stop taking custom orders and kind of re-center myself, realize mistakes and how much I can and cannot take on.”

Eriksen’s werepups became so popular at one point that she had to suspend orders for a whole year, as she couldn’t physically keep up with demand anymore. Her handmade masterpieces aren’t exactly cheap, with prices ranging between $670 and $1,350, but some people consider that a small price to pay for owning a realistic werewolf baby.

Most of Asia’s clients are werewolf fans looking for something unique to add to their collections, and people for whom the eerie silicon dolls represent a lost loved one or a pet, but she also has a few celebrity clients as well, like actor Robert Englund, who played Freddy Krueger in A Nightmare on Elm Street – one of Eriksen’s favorite films – heavy metal legend Alice Cooper, and Italian actress Asia Argento.

Asia Eriksen is constantly striving to make her werepups even more lifelike, by experiment with various features. Some of her latest creations feature veins, freckles and more realistic skin textures.

Leran more about Asia Eriksen and her unique werepups by visiting her website or checking out her social media pages: Facebook, Instagram.


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