Who Needs Paintbrushes? Argentinian Artist Paints with His Eyes

Did you know the human eyes could be used as a tool for painting? Argentinian artist Leandro Granato recently invented the bizarre technique by snorting paint through his nose and squirting it through his eyes and onto the canvas.

Leandro Granato, 27, uses a very unique variation of drip painting which involves snorting watercolor through his nose and then pushing the liquid out from his eye socket. As impossible as this may seem, he uses up to a pint and a half (800 ml) for each piece. The young artist first discovered his talent during his childhood. “Ever since I was a kid I knew I had a special connection between my eye and my nose,” he explains. “As I grew up I started realizing air and liquids could go out of my eye if I put them through my nose.” By combining his special ability with his passion of art, Leandro started putting liquid paint up his nose and became the inventor of a new painting technique he suggestively calls eye-painting. “When I decided I would do this for a living my whole family thought I was going crazy – as well as many other people,” the artist remembers, but in the end he proved them all wrong. His eye-painting creations take between 10 minutes and 10 months to complete and sell for up to £1,500 ($2,400).

His passion for eye-painting has even driven the young man to create a new painting formula that is apparently completely safe for his eyes. He spent two years developing the formula and assures everyone that what he’s doing is not harmful to him in any way. “Some say I’m crazy, but my technique doesn’t hurt my body,” Leandro Granato explains, adding that “I’m constantly being examined by expert doctors, and the formula I came up with is harmless. It will not cause me any health problems in the future.”


Talking about his biggest inspiration, Leonardo states that he’s always been a big fan of Jackson Pollok, who creates complex abstract works using the drip technique. He identifies with Pollok saying that “Jackson Pollock is one of my inspirations mainly because at first nobody understood him, and he was pointed out to be crazy.” But it wasn’t until the death of his grandfather that he actually began exercising his artistic talents as a coping mechanism. He says that “My motivation to become an artist first came when my grandfather died because of cancer” adding that “After this loss, I started painting to overcome this pain.”


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