Biker Repurposes Old Tractor into Unique Motorcycle

Larry Medwig, from Painesville, Ohio, is so passionate about motorcycles that he can make one out of pretty much anything. A few years ago, he built the aptly-named ‘tractor cycle’ using parts from an old tractor!

Medwig’s unique vehicle has been spotted at various events and hardware stores across Ohio, as reported by a variety of bloggers. The earliest sighting was in 2010, at the ‘Hit and Miss’ show in Orwell. And according to blogger Andy Rupert – who spotted the tractor cycle on display at Joughin’s Hardware shop in Painesville – it looks like a “homemade vehicle” with the “front forks and handlebars made of iron plumbing pipes.”


Photo: Tractor Forum

When Rupert spoke to Medwig, he found out that the tractor cycle is indeed made out of several individual parts repurposed from old vehicles. The engine, Medwig revealed, is an International Harvester LB from a cement mixer, the transmission from a Crosley automobile, the wheels from a David Bradley, and the frame and forks are made from pipe fittings. The main body is actually the front part of a Farmall Cub tractor.


Photo: Tractor Forum

When asked how it drives, Medwig said “Like a picnic table.” So it’s not the most comfortable bike ever built, but at least it runs at it is rideable, not to mention it’s one of those artistic creations that always has people doing a double take whenever they spot it.


Photo: Pics by Paris


Sources: Andy Rupert,  Tractor Forum