Company Creates Miniature Sports Cars Models That Cost More Than Real Cars

UK-based company Amalgam specializes in miniature models of iconic sports cars that feature all the features of their full-size inspiration down to the tiniest elements and have a price tag to match.

Founded in 1995 in Bristol, UK, Amalgam has built a reputation for building the most detailed miniature car replicas in the world. By maintaining close relationships with top manufacturers like Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Aston Martin, the company has access to the original CAD data and engineering drawings of the vehicles they replicate, as well as to their paint codes and color samples. Amalgam also uses high-resolution photos and digital scans to recreate each vehicle perfectly. Every one of the company’s 1:8 scale replicas takes between 250 and 450 hours of painstaking work to complete, hence the eye-watering price tags which can reach $30,000, depending on the model.

Photo: Amalgam Collection

Amalgam recently announced that it will be adding the iconic Lamborghini Countach LP400 and the upcoming Lamborghini Revuelto to its already impressive collection of 1:8 replicas. The former will be produced in a series of 199 units, and just like Amalgam’s other creations, will feature all the tiniest elements of the original car, including functional scissor doors and pop-up headlights, as well as an impressive replica of its naturally aspirated V12. It can be yours for “just” $18,700. As for the Revuelto, the company has so far only published digital renderings of the replica, but its price has already been announced – $16,400.

It’s important to point out that Amalgam’s creations aren’t simple toys, as some online sources suggest, but collectible works of art aimed at owners of luxury cars who want their prized possessions recreated at smaller scale. In fact, the Bristol-based company offers to create bespoke 1:8 scale replicas of anyone’s car, down to the tiniest details.

Photo: Amalgam Collection

“We will create for you a superbly and deeply detailed model replicating every aspect of your car’s specification.,” the Amalgam website reads. “We will finish the model with the precise colour of the paint and the interior finishes. Even the smallest details including for example the colour of the stitching on the seats, the license plates, the wheels, every visible aspect of your car will be perfectly reproduced on your model.”

Bespoke miniatures are slightly more expensive than limited edition ones. For example, while the series Revuelto model is priced at $16,400, a bespoke replica would cost you around $23,500.


At the moment, the most expensive 1:8 replica on the Amalgam website is that of the Ferrari 250 GTO, priced at $29,760. As for the most expensive model, that title belongs to a couple of 1:4 replicas of two Mercedes Formula 1 vehicles, each costing $41,145.

If you’re on a budget, but would love to have an Amalgam miniature, you can opt for one of the company’s 1:18 scale replicas, which range between $1,000 and $2,000.

Amalgam doesn’t have Rolls Royce in its list of partner brands, but just in case you’ve dying to get your hands on a 1:8 replica of the Rolls Royce Cullinan, we got you covered! Sadly, you’ll still have to pay a whopping $27,000 for it.