English Artist Paints Using Remote-Controlled Toy Cars

Artist Ian Cook has a unique painting style which involves dipping remote-controlled cars in paint and driving them across the canvas to create colorful contemporary artworks.

Nicknamed “Pic-cars-so”, 28-year-old Cook has developed a special painting style known as “Auto Drawing”. He uses various remote-controlled toy cars to spread acrylic paint across the canvas, creating incredibly detailed masterpieces.¬†“I wanted to be an artist from a young age and decided that to be successful I needed something completely unique,” Ian says about his bizarre choice of “brushes”.¬†“I’ve always been mad about anything with wheels and I figured that using cars to paint cars would capture peoples’ imaginations, so I experimented at home by driving some remote control models through paint.” Believe it or not, the idea first came to him after he got a remote-controlled car for Christmas and was told not to get paint on it.

Photo via Yellow Wheels

Ian, who calls his art Popbang Colour, mostly paints artworks inspired by his passion for cars and racing and has so far created painted replicas of iconic cars, as well as portraits of motoring champions like Lewis Hamilton. Apart from the actual toy cars, Ian Cook also uses old toy car tires to apply certain details, and for large scale works he put down the control pad and gets behind the wheel of real cars, go-karts and even large trucks.

Photo via Automobiles Review

Photo via Automobiles Review

Photo via Newslite

Check out more of Ian Cook’s artworks on Popbang Colour’s Flickr stream.

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