Hairstylist Spends over 150 Hours Covering Her Car in Human Hair, Sets World Record

We’ve seen people cover their cars with the weirdest stuff – right from dentures to swarovski crystals. But this one is a first – an Italian hairstylist chose to pay tribute to her profession by covering her car in human hair. There’s hair everywhere – on the exterior, the seats, the dashboard, and even the steering wheel.

The car in question belongs to 44-year-old Maria Lucia Mugno. She decided to cover it in hair in 2010, after a friend bet her that she couldn’t do it. So with the help of her assistant Valentino Stassano, she spent 150 hours sewing thickly braided strands of hair imported from India on her small Fiat 500. The effort won her the Guinness World Record title for the world’s hairiest car.


As if that wasn’t enough, she’s now added another 20 kg of hair to the car, setting a new record this year. The additional hair is sculpted into the shape of butterfly wings that sit on top, symbolising freedom and peace in the world.


In case you’re wondering, Maria does drive the furry beast around town. And she brushes it down regularly to keep it looking well groomed. Given the fact that natural hair extensions are quite expensive, the car is estimated to be worth almost $100,000. I’m not sure who’d want to buy it, though.





Photos: Maria Lucia Mugno/Facebook

via Yahoo News

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