Indonesian Workshop Creates Mind-Blowing Life-Size Replicas of Popular Sports Cars Exclusively Out of Wood

This group of highly skilled Indonesian woodworkers caters exclusively to people who love collecting sports cars – both real and wooden. They carve impressive life-size replicas of popular sports car models, and their creations are routinely exported to buyers in the US, England, Germany, and other European countries. 

Their latest handiwork is a model of the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, made entirely out of teak – it doesn’t work of course, but it’s a stunning copy of the real thing. And let’s not forget – cheaper by several thousands of dollars.


Photo: SuaraMerdeka

What’s really fascinating about these replicas is the incredible attention to detail. While the wooden Bugatti may not have the real car’s powerful 1,200 bhp engine or a top speed of 258mph, you can see that it’s perfect in every other way. Right from the sculpted front grille to the detailed ‘alloy’ wheels, and the perfect interior complete with a wooden steering wheel, everything has been carved with painstaking effort by these talented craftsmen.


Photo: Oriza Vilosa/Solopos

The workshop where these beauties are created is located in the district of Boyolali in central Java. It takes the craftsmen anywhere between three weeks and a month to create a wooden sports car or bike, depending on the complexity of the model. Apart from life-size car models, they also produce miniature replicas of cars and rickshaws.


Photo: Oriza Vilosa/Solopos


Photo: Getty Images

Sources: AOL Cars, Kompasiana

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