Turkish Farmer Spends $2,000 on Custom Sound System for His Tractor

When Murat Karlıoğlu rolls into town in his tractor, his neighbors can literally hear him coming from a mile away. The 30-year-old farmer has spent over 7,000 Turkish lira on a custom sound system for his farming vehicle, which he uses to pump out his favorite music wherever he goes.

Karlıoğlu, from the town of Nazilli, Turkey’s Aydın Province, loves listening to music as he works in the fields. He had a decent sound system installed on his tractor a while back, but was never really satisfied with the output, so after saving a bit of money, he decided to invest it in a custom sound system you would expect to find in an expensive sports car or a tuning project from the likes of West Coast Customs.

Photo: Milliyet/Facebook

Complete with powerful speakers, tweeters, a large sub-woofer and sound amplifiers, Murat Karlıoğlu’s system has made the young farmer a celebrity in Nazilli. Hearing the loud music every day, when he goes off to work and when he returns, took a bit of getting used to for the people of his neighborhood, but they’ve all gotten used to it now. Most of them don’t mind it at all, as Murat mostly plays popular Turkish songs they all love.


But the biggest fan of Karlıoğlu’s musical tractor is the farmer’s pet dog, Jessie. Ever since he installed the powerful system, Jesse’s been accompanying his master to work every day, sitting quietly on one of the wheel covers and enjoying the loud music.


With all the coverage he’s been getting recently, both from local and national media, Murat Karlıoğlu is now considering leasing his tractor for weddings and other celebrations that could use a powerful sound system on wheels.

 Source: Milliyet (Turkish)

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