Ukrainian Motorist Builds His Own Lamborghini Reventon

Oleg Hrycak, a sports car enthusiast from the Ukrainian city of Lviv, spent four years building his very own limited edition Lamborghini Reventon. He admits it was a lot of work, but it beats having to pay over $2 million for a real one.

Having worked as a designer at a Ukrainian bus factory, Oleg says he had some experience modelling fiber glass and one day decided to use this knowledge to build himself a drivable luxury sports car replica. He took the chassis of an old Audi A8 sedan and modified it to fit the fiberglass body of a Lamborghini Reventon. He also moved the Audi’s 4.2-liter, 300hp engine to the back of the car to power its rear wheels and even built the iconic Lamborghini scissors doors. Hrycak says he did all of the work on the DIY sports car himself, in his spare time, to prove that anyone can build their own luxury automobile if they set their mind to it.

Photo: video screengrab

But building your own limited edition Lamborghini is not cheap and Oleg admits that he has denied himself and his family a lot of thing these last four years. They did not go on any vacations, didn’t buy any furniture or expensive appliances for their home, and he quit smoking and drinking in order to save money for his project. He says that his wife didn’t really understand his passion, but she’s happy that he accomplished his dream.


Although he claims that his home-made Lamborghini Reventon can reach a top speed of 240km/h, has to get all the necessary paperwork before taking it out on the road.