You Can Now Buy Your Own Electric Fire Truck for Just $2,600

At only $2,600, the Robeta electric fire truck may just be the world’s most affordable fire truck. Not to mention you can buy it on Alibaba!

Fully decked-out fire trucks usually cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, but municipalities, businesses, or even individuals looking to protect themselves against fire on the cheap now have a truly affordable and environment-friendly option. The Robeta fire truck is a one-seat full-electric vehicle with a range of 31-37 miles (50 – 60 kilometers) and a decent fire-fighting arsenal. It’s certainly not the most impressive fire truck ever made, but for $2,600, you have to keep your expectations in check.

This adorable little fire engine is a mere 2.4 meters long, features full LED lighting, and hydraulic brakes that give it a stopping distance of just 3 meters (10 feet). In terms of fire-stopping power, the Robeta doesn’t impress. According to the description on Alibaba, it comes with two small fire extinguishers, a 60-meter-long fire hose, a small hatchet, and an assortment of gear that should help you deal with small fires.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, the Robeta doesn’t seem like much of a fire truck, and I completely agree. But that doesn’t make it useless. A real fire truck is not only obscenely expensive in comparison, it’s also generally huge, which makes it difficult to use in tight spaces.

At just $2,600, the Robeta electrical fire truck is stupid cheap, so instead of one fire truck, you can get dozens, if not hundreds of these little things. Plus, it’s compact and can be used by pretty much anyone, even without any firefighting training. And, last but not least, it’s electric!

Ok, so maybe the above arguments don’t justify the existence of the Robeta fire truck, but the fact that this may just be the world’s smallest and cheapest electrical fire truck is pretty cool.

Interestesingly enough, this is not the cheapest electric car money can buy. That title belongs to the Changli, a $930 electric car that can be shipped right to your doorstep.