Why Stingrays Sting People

Well mainly because most of us are ignorant apes that only think of themselves…How dumb and cruel do you have to be to abuse a poor stingray that way? And look at the girls loving every minute of it, taking pictures with the “monkey” as if they’re at the circus. Why doesn’t it sting one of them, see if they keep smiling like idiots?






What’s wrong with these photos?

I mean shouldn’t things be the other way around? And if that had been a bull I would have understood…sort of, but that’s a freaking cow mounting a poor old woman. And look at that other “cow” just sitting there enjoying the show instead and rushing to her fellow human’s aid. So much for poor innocent cows huh?

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Dangerous Snake Hunting

I don’t exactly know where this kind of snake hunting is practiced but my money’s on Australia. I tried to find some info besides the photos but I couldn’t find anything; if you know more, please share.

Wherever they’re from, these snake hunters have balls the size of freakin’ Jupiter, I wouldn’t chase a snake in its lair even if you paid me all the money in the world, and armed with only a piece of leather around my arm and a small fire. Look at the photos and judge for yourself if this is courage or insanity…

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Scientists use sea-lions to fight global warming

There’s been a lot of speculations regarding the melting of arctic ice due to global warming, which spells disaster for all living beings, so scientists have decided to conduct some serios investigations and learn if there’s any real danger.

Sea-lions will play a serious part in the gathering of important data about the status of the ice, water temperature and climate change. A few specimens have been caught on the coast of South Georgia and a sensor with a special antenna has been strapped to their heads. When the animals swim in Arctic waters scientists will receive information vital to our survival.






The Elephant Painters

I always believed elephants were incredible animals, but I never imagined they could something as extraordinary as painting, hell I have opposable thumbs and I can’t paint like that.

The elephants at the National Elephant Institute in Thailand have a particular skill that others animals and some humans don’t posses, they can actually pick up a brush and paint on a canvas. Thai elephants in particular are born artists, you often see them pick up a stick and start noodling in the dirt, and when properly trained they turn into genuine artists with a brush. Take a look at the photos and video and see for yourselves.







Why people fear the Anaconda


Everyone knows the size of the Anaconda snake and we all know it’s capable of swallowing a person whole, but there was no visual proof of this. Well this is about to change as you scroll down this page, that lump in the middle of the Anaconda is not an animal, I’ll tell you this much…



Fighting hippo

Up until a few weeks ago I was under the impression that hippos were peaceful animals that wouldn’t hurt a fly. I don’t know why, they just always looked like peaceful creatures to me. But after seeing some hippos attacking a crocodile and now this angry guy picking a fight with this antelope, I’ve reached the conclusion that hippos are not quiet, calm animals at all.






The Ultimate Battle

Two of the greatest predators on the face of the Earth go at it in an ultimate battle. The crocodile, practically invincible when in water becomes a target for a hungry leopard. I have to say the cat’s got guts, or it’s so hungry it’s desperate. In any case, the croc’s formidable bite and strength is no match for the swift feline. After a terrible struggle the leopard comes out victorious, my question is how is he going to eat its valuable prey…not even bullets can penetrate that hide and he ain’t got thumbs to turn that big lizard on it’s back. Oh well I’m sure he found a way, they’re pretty resourceful you know…







The Tree Goats of Morocco

Did you know goats could climb trees? Well, anyway, I didn’t but it turns out, goats climb trees very often in Morocco.

These Moroccan goats you see in the photos climb the Argan trees with incredible ease, in order to get to the delicious fruits that the locals use to make oil. I knew some things about goats, but the fact that they climb trees was not one of them. And before you start yelling “It’s photoshopped!” check out the video at the bottom.





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Do deers live in the ocean?

You might think that if you come across a deer while going fishing in the ocean right? Well I guess that’s what these boys thought to themselves when they saw this dow while they were fishing quite a long way from shore in Chesapeake Bay. The fish weren’t biting that day so they had time to look around and spot something strange in the water. This deer was swimming for its life and it looked like it had been doing that for some time. When it saw the boat it started to swim towards it but when it saw the guys it kept its distance. One of them had some cowboy experience and using a lasso reeled it in the boat. It was so tired that it couldn’t even stay on its feet, plus it was scared as hell.

When they reached shore they tried to set it loose but it still couldn’t move so they left it there, but after a while she recovered her strength and moved on.





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Don’t touch that cable!

Living in Australia presents the following risk: mistake giant snakes for computer cables. Okay so you could spot it if your really careful but it blends in pretty well. So if one of your cables feels slippery and moving, take a good look at it.





The great stingray migration

Taken by an amateur photographer in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, these photos show the great migration of the Cow-nose Stingrays from the Yucatan Peninsula to western Florida. They travel in compact packs of up to 10,000 individuals, following the counter-clockwise current to their summer feeding grounds.

These bovine-looking stingrays have a poisonous stinger, similar to the one that killed animal-lover Steve Irwin, but this doesn’t make them less pleasant to look at, especially during their migration.







Sock – the pet Lama

I’ve heard of a seal as a pet, but a Lama, that’s something you don’t see every day. Sock is white Lama living in Muellheim an der Ruhr, a town in western Germany. She has been living in an apartment with Nicole Doepper for three years now, ever since one of her back legs had to be amputated. Nicole takes Sock the Lama everywhere with her but she hopes at one point she will get the Lama used to the wildlife. So far however, all attempts have failed, perhaps Sock just loves the comfort of the indoors too much.








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Can you spot the not?

What’s wrong with these picture?

Hmm, I could swear I saw a gator amongst all those hypos… Oh wait, I did and apparently so did they. Ouch, I bet he wishes he hadn’t tried to mingle with the wrong crowd.


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The real-life Beast Master

Interacting with some animals seems impossible but this man makes the impossible, possible.

Kevin Richardson is an animal behaviourist that has bonded so much with wild big cats that he isn’t even afraid to sleep with them in the wild. He’s great friends with lions, cheetahs, leopards or hyenas and they all treat him like he’s one of their own. Former student of child psychology, Kevin decided to switch to animals when he decided he could trust a lion over a human every time. He never uses whips, sticks or leashes, just a lot of patience and most importantly respect for the felines.

Although these photos may seem unbelievable, they are very real and Kevin says he can get close to any big cat under a year old and become friends with it, but he feels most safe and comfortable around animals he has known from birth. He has had one accident when a 4-year-old male lion attacked and started biting him, but something about Kevin’s passive reaction made him stop. ever since then Kevin never engages wild animals if he feels there is something wrong.

Known as the Lion Whisperer by most people, Kevin Richardson is a real-life beast master.


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