Chefs to Create Burger Designed to Taste Like Human Flesh

The idea of a burger that tastes like human meat might sound repulsive, but that didn’t stop a couple of London chefs from trying to cook it. It is going to be offered to diners through a pop-up restaurant in East London on Tuesday, September 30.

The human-flesh-tasting burger is a product of ‘Messhead’ – a collaboration between chef James Tomlinson of ‘London Mess’ and ‘Miss Cakehead’, a freelance creative director who specializes in gory food creations. It was created to mark the start of the fifth season of the zombie television show The Walking Dead.

Thankfully, the two chefs didn’t have to resort to cannibalism to figure out the taste of human flesh. Instead, they just read accounts from well-known cannibals, like explorer William Seabrook and notorious murderer Issei Sagawa.


Photo: Justin Ramsden

According to Seabrook, human flesh tastes like ‘good, fully developed veal, not young, but not yet beef’. Sagawa, on the other hand, said that the flesh melted in his mouth ‘like raw tuna in a sushi restaurant’. To replicate the experience, Tomlinson and Miss Cakehead have settled on a special blend of pork, veal, bone marrow, and chicken livers.


Photo: Justin Ramsden

The exact location for the pop-up eatery hasn’t been disclosed yet. It will be revealed quite soon, through the #terminustavern hashtag on Twitter. Anyone interested?

via The Telegraph

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